October 2022 Update

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"Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act." - Psalm 37:5

Hey I hope this finds you well and I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for letting me share all this with you and being willing to pray. I'm extremely grateful to God for giving me more clarity I've ever had in this calling and your prayers and encouragement mean so much to me. Ultimately, this is the WHY I ask for your prayers, for his will to be done. And when God answers our prayers, I hope we will all see his glory even more than before.
As the Spirit leads you, I ask for prayer …

Pray that the Lord provides opportunities for Commissioned Projects

What are commissioned projects? For Altaer, I focus on two types of story projects. First, I create original stories that are self and/or privately funded (Altaer Originals) ... and secondly, Christian nonprofits commission me to create stories they leverage to further their mission say through fundraising, recruitment, evangelism or discipleship.
Though I’m pursuing story opportunities with various Christian nonprofits, for years I’ve been following organizations like Voice of the Martyrs and Open Doors who serve persecuted Christians around the world, usually in some very tough and rough places. I would love to help further their missions and show how God is powerfully working and transforming people in mind blowing ways. I"ll never forget a story I heard of a young boy in Northern Africa. While he was worshipping with his family in church, they were brutally attacked and murdered by extremists. Every day as he recovered in the local hospital, the boy would pray for these terrorists to turn to Christ and receive forgiveness. Only the love of Christ could manifest in such a way. That boy is more of a man than I will ever be. And I wish every believer and non-believer were forced to witness God living and working right here and right now in such an incomprehensible and holy manner through his people like this boy. So please ask God for opportunities to help these and other organizations make a greater impact.

Pray that the Lord provides funding for Personal and No Mere Mortals (Altaer Originals)

Currently, there are two bigger original projects that I’ve been working on that I'm actively moving into philanthropic fundraising phase in order to begin production. I’ve written a feature film called Personal (view project), which will be an artistic documentary to help people move deeper into an intimate relationship with the Infinite and Almighty Personal God. Answering the big questions: what does it actually look like to have an intimate relationship with God, what's the best it could be this side of Heaven, and how does it happen? This project is massive, likely taking 18-24 months to complete capturing stories around the world. I believe it's possible, but it's also such an audacious project I truly believe it would only come to pass through many miracles of God. So there's that! The 2nd original project will be a docu-series expanding upon the short film I created this Summer, No Mere Mortals (view pilot). The series will pursue in much greater depth how to truly see and love others as God does.  It seems there is a never ending air of destructive division and dehumanization (of the imago dei) penetrating every area of our lives, even the body of Christ. So this message is also quite relevant and critical.  The first in the series would be called "No Mere Refugees" showing God working in the lives of people as He calls them to new lands, where they may not be welcomed. So please pray I can finish everything needed to begin fundraising and that the Lord brings me to who he's prepared to help make these stories possible.

Pray that the Lord Gives Strength and Protection for our Family

It seems every time I embark on crossing a new bridge God has asked me to trust and obey him in -- life gets even harder. So I ask, please pray for protection for Tori, Beckett and myself. I couldn’t have come this far without them. And I certainly cannot go any further without them. Pray for our protection from sickness, from exhaustion, from discouragement, and protection from the lies the Satan uses to distract us from the Truth. Pray that we love each other with the love of God. Pray for God to give us physical and spiritual strength as we navigate the path forward -- and for courage to press on, focusing on him, no matter what. Like many people we know over the past few years, we've lost much of our connection with our local face-to-face Christian community.  So please pray that God gives us a community of believers who are sincerely striving to love and obey Him and who live by the Spirit. Pray I stay true to loving my family, only second to God, but before everyone else. One of my greatest (healthy) fears is becoming a man who follows God in grand visions of helping others, but fails and neglects my first calling and privilege to loving and helping my own family well.  I've watched this play out time and time again with Christian men and I refuse for this to by my legacy to Tori and Beckett.

Untold: The Long Lost Brother

The Story of Alejandro

One of the hardest decisions I had to make when creating Fausto was to leave out an amazing side story. When originally interviewing Fausto he shared about his half-brother, who he'd never met in person. Ultimately, this story is about the risk of following God. Everyone who follows God continually faces risk -- what might happen if you do follow Him -- or what might happen if you do not.